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In Absentia

Sometimes saying yes to drugs is the right answer.  So, where the hell have I been (you would be entitled to ask)?  1) In July 2018 the monsoon that tears through Arizona every year, literally ripped the roof off my condo in Phoenix. The roof was pealed back like the lid of a sardine can. The event  itself sounded like a freight train, then there were a few days of leaking and battling my irresponsible HOA, then there was the 8am Sunday morning collapse of a huge chunk of my bedroom ceiling - good times. That day my dad drove the three hours from where my parents live, helped me load up my dogs and crucial belongings, and I was out of there! It took until the end of October for repairs on the condo to finish, then I sold it to my lovely neighbors (whose roof had also been destroyed) in November - deciding I never again wanted to own anything where the maintenance was at the mercy of an HOA I paid every month but which failed to actually maintain the property responsibly.  Staying with

Regroup: The Word for 2020

My word for this year should probably be obvious: Regroup. I have clearly dropped the ball of late. This site alone is proof of it. I thought I had a brilliant solution for keeping the posting here active by including any writing/reading/movie/story related assignment-produced content. Then I couldn't even keep up with that! But despite the lateness of this post, I intend to make 2020 the year I get busy on here again.