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Final Book Cover Design and Tentative Release Date!

I did it, I finally settled on a cover design for the first novel in the Kat Steals Life series; Kathy Shearer's Second Act. I spent months going back and forth between two, unable to decide. But just like in most areas of life, if something doesn't jump out at you immediately, it's probably not right for you. The moment I saw this one I knew this was it.
Now that this is settled, I'm fairly certain I can publish next month. And just because I like the look of the repetition in 8/8/2020, that's the date for which I am now aiming. Hope I can finish the edits/proofing in time! EDIT: REVISED RELEASE DATE NOW 8/18/2020!

The Kat Steals Life series is about a woman turning 40 - divorced, no kids, no family besides her cat, and in a dead-end job that sucks the life out of her daily. She's always loved crime/heist/police procedural books and shows, so in the midst of this slight midlife crisis she works up the nerve to see if she can pull off a heist herself. The answer …
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Popular Books I've Never Read, and Why

Starting with series ... I've never read a single one of the Harry Potter series, and I don't suspect I ever will. I did see one movie once, but I couldn't tell you which one.Game of Thrones - no interest at all. Got about 15-20 mins into an episode once, and couldn't figure out the cause for all the hype. As a TV series, Vikings was way more interesting and engrossing!
50 Shades - ditto the no interest answer.Twilight - I'm old enough to recall when the cool vampire stories were written by Anne Rice (none of which I read either) so when Twilight occurred I remember doing a distinctly old lady eye roll about the return of "that stupid vampire crap."Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice - see above. Just never got the whole vampire thing.Outlander - but I intend to! I started watching episode one during the fourth season of the show. I was so bored by the first 20-30 mins I paused it, left it for a few days, and almost didn't go back to it. On a whim I gave it…

Film Response - Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages - beware possible spoilers!

OK, now that this has been graded I feel like I can post my film response assignment.
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages, the brainchild of Benjamin Christensen, is an an attempt at something akin to a documentary mixed with dramatized scenes. In today’s filmic parlance it might be classified as a docudrama, but with the non-dramatized portions having the feel of an academic lecture. The film asks the question of how the witch trials could ever have occurred – how people could have believed such things and acted upon those beliefs so violently and destructively. The film then tries to answer that question with a ‘modern’ and scientific approach. Stylistically the film, despite its silent era limitations, is engrossing and impactful. Despite it being created in the early 1920s, one could easily argue there are, in fact, special effects in the film. Some scenes have a blue tint, some a reddish (sometimes almost sepia) tone – presumably to delineate day and night. There were double exposu…

6 Random Word Poem for 7/29/2020

Words I had to use: smoke, picture, perfume, morning, together, broken. Words I didn't have to use (but did): be.

Cat herding progress

Not only is the reference to herding cats accurate in the sense that my characters (or more precisely my MC) where being unruly, but I also find it a slightly funny (though completely inside) joke since my MC is called Kat. But I decided to suck it up and put on my big girl pants and let her do what she wants.

In the process of letting go of who or what I thought my MC should be the strangest thing happened. I am not only probably just one more editorial pass away from publishing book one in the series, I got about 1300 words into book two in about an hour and have sketched out the general path of a 5 book series in the little notebook I call my brain.

I say sketched out because I am not by any stretch of the imagination a person who likes or ever uses the word outline.  So I am calling my quickly scribbled notes anything but an outline. They are just brief paragraphs of things I don't want to forget to include in each book. Please don't be pedantic (aka accurate) and insist I …

Blackout Poem for 7/27/2020

Today's offering is from an article by Apoorva Mandavilli from the NYT, found HERE.

Blackout Poem for 7/21/2020

I made another blackout poem. This one is based on NYT opinion piece by Jemelle Bouie about what's happening in Portland. The entire article can be found here.