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National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

 In honor of National Tell a Fairy Tale Day I thought I'd share something I wrote awhile ago. It is a very familiar fairy tale, but told from a different character's point of view. Enjoy ;-) The Myth of The Englishman The fire was crackling, and the rain was tapping its usual song on the roof, but she heard the knock at the door. She’d been waiting and listening for it. She had sent for them hours ago when she had first become concerned. Finally, the two of them stood at her door – soaked to the bone. They removed their coats, and their otherwise crisp uniforms were now soggily hanging from their conspicuous frames. She was beside herself with worry, but manners dictated she offer the men some tea and cake.       “So, you say your husband is missing Ma’am?” one of the officers asked, as she poured the first cup of tea.       “Yes, sir.” she warbled. “And it’s not like him. Not like him at all. He never misses a meal! Breakfast, brunch, luncheon, dinner, tea, and supper.

What Didn't Kill Me

  2020 was hard, 2021 was immeasurably worse, but 2022 nearly killed me (literally). A house fire, the deaths of my fur-babies, health problems forcing me to dropout of the MFA program I desperately wanted to do, and then, last but not least on the list of the universe beating the crap out of me, my mom passing away this past November.  I now find myself back in an MA program I hate while I look for a different one AND consider not getting an MA at all, and trying to sort out just about every aspect of my life. To reflect this, my word for 2023 is: EVOLVE And in as much as I am going through changes, so too will this blog evolve. I'd like to focus less on school and more on things I enjoy (like writing in general, including blogging). So, I would like to get more active on here (I know, I know - like I don't write that every other post). I would like to write more about writing and reading, but also expand to planning and productivity.  Deep breath ... fingers crossed ... mayb