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Kayt Ludi is a professional proofreader with years of experience. She is available to proof your 
fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, journalistic articles, etc. She specializes in English Quality, which means making sure your translated items are easily accessible to readers of American English (something not even AI can do flawlessly). These services include proofing your translated documents, articles, lengthy manuals, menus, short manuals / instructions, advertisements, etc.
She is fluent in the MLA, APA, and Chicago style guides, as well as the Associated Press Stylebook. Her native language is English, and her Spanish level is B2. She has also never gotten less than a 95% on any paper she has ever written.
Kayt is also an author of short stories, poetry, a novella, and now the first novel in a new series. She is also currently seeking an illustrator for a couple of children's books she's written (if that's you, please get in touch).

In her youth she wanted to be an archaeologist, but became an English major in college (for 96 units worth of her BA degree) before switching to Humanities at Northern Arizona University. She is currently in grad school, pursuing an MA in History from Eastern Washington University.

Native to California, she currently resides in the Arizona high desert; where the site of winter snow on a cactus is not unusual. She enjoys baking, travel, photography, planning, and gardening. She is a proud dog mom and feeder of stray cats. Her DVR is full of British detective shows, sharks, ghosts, 90 Day Fiancé, and Chopped. She is an evangelist for the Oxford comma, admits an addiction to Irish tea, is a total museum nerd, and can successfully write anything except a normal author bio.

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