About Me | Kayt Ludi

About Me

Transcriptionist for the voices in my head.
Dog mom, and animal lover (people, not so much).
Exiled Cali-girl. Currently wilting in Arizona. 
Sagittarius (Winter Solstice Club: Me and Jane Fonda, Stalin lied his way in but we found out). 
Drifter; high plains variety - ok, that's a lie, but I like to travel. 
Proud style icon for short hair, long nails, & too much jewelry. 

Crunchy peanut butter zealot.
Right handed, but left-wing. 
Ambidextrous when typing.
Diagnosed Jeopardy addict.
IG/Twitter/Pinterest junkie.
Oxford comma evangelist.
Self-confessed tea addict.
Amazonianly tall.
Fat & fabulous.
Lover of short sentences.

Talents include:
Saving most of my cursing until it explodes in an epic torrent of intricately woven precision.
Being a better driver than anyone else on the road.
Using my slight case of OCD to look organized AF. 
Saying weird shit that makes people stare.
Being constantly pissed off by stupidity.
Somehow being surprised by stupidity.  
Drinking without getting drunk.
Rocking sexy-librarian glasses. 
Spending money I don't have.
Spilling things which stain. 
Being a hermit.
Pub trivia.