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What Didn't Kill Me


2020 was hard, 2021 was immeasurably worse, but 2022 nearly killed me (literally).

A house fire, the deaths of my fur-babies, health problems forcing me to dropout of the MFA program I desperately wanted to do, and then, last but not least on the list of the universe beating the crap out of me, my mom passing away this past November.

 I now find myself back in an MA program I hate while I look for a different one AND consider not getting an MA at all, and trying to sort out just about every aspect of my life.

To reflect this, my word for 2023 is: EVOLVE

And in as much as I am going through changes, so too will this blog evolve. I'd like to focus less on school and more on things I enjoy (like writing in general, including blogging). So, I would like to get more active on here (I know, I know - like I don't write that every other post). I would like to write more about writing and reading, but also expand to planning and productivity. 

Deep breath ... fingers crossed ... maybe 2023 won't suck so bad.


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